This is the Ultimate Hangover Cure: The Banana and Honey Sandwich

The ideal diet plan can do unbelievable things and this is something I believe very highly. Our body is physically made up of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients that we consume. Thus our health and physical efficiency are intrinsically connected to diet and if we do not get whatever we require, we simply cannot feel or act our finest.

And that’s why I actually delight in discovering examples of foods that truly show this power. Take the banana honey sandwich for example. This might sound like an innocuous sufficient meal but in reality it is packed with some amazing goodness that makes it the perfect antidote to any raging hangover!

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Why the Banana Honey Sandwich Functions along with it Does

So what is it about this concoction that makes it so reliable? On the face of it, it will rather likely appear like exactly the kind of thing that you don’t desire to consume when you ‘re hungover! Sickly sweet and stodgy is not exactly what you crave!

However in reality the sandwich works marvels in various ways. For beginners, the bread will line your stomach and take in alcohol. This in turn assists you to immediately decrease the effects of any remaining alcohol in your system.

At the exact same time, all 3 elements offer you with more energy through simple carbohydrates. You ‘ll feel instantly more awake after a rough night’s sleep and the honey in particular will work to provide both fructose and sucrose.

But it gets a lot more excellent …

You see, the bananas likewise supply great deals of potassium. This is an electrolyte that gets diminished when you drink which results in cramping. This will assist to decrease that muscle discomfort and weakness you feel the next day.

At the same time, the bananas are very alkaline, suggesting that they will serve as a natural antacid and neutralize the acids in your stomach, reducing sickness.

Most importantly however is the effect that honey has on acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is the primary hazardous compound in honey that makes us feel as bad as we do. It is developed as the body breaks down alcohol and is exactly what triggers headaches and much more symptoms. However acetaldehyde is neutralized by fructose– which is found in honey in large amounts! To puts it simply, honey can assist you to break down the really toxins making you feel rough in the top place!



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