Social Anxiety Disorder

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Being alone and being confident in the world of self is an easy job but when it comes to the expression of self in public it is a difficult job for some people. The major reason behind all this the feeling of a mental weakness that stops one the express self in front of anyone else. The social anxiety disorder is also known as the social phobia that ultimately leads into a feeling of insecurity and shyness.

The prolonged effects of the problems can cause health disorders in the course of time. Some people may follow the wrong techniques of getting out of this problem that is the excessive consumption of alcohol that leads to further physical disorders.

Levels and types of social anxiety:

One of the most common disorders is the fear of speech in the public or performing in front of others. There are some generalized social disorders that include the fear of conversation with the person who is a senior or a higher designation. Some people whoa re not very social and hardly talk to anyone are the ones who can be the sufferers of the disorder named as the avoidant personality disorder.

Most of these people who suffer from this kind of a problem cannot adjust to the social life and they have very less social circles. Even if such people are given a chance of interacting socially even then their response is not a positive one.

Curing the disorder:

Due to the advancement of the science and technology there are three main types of medicines that are used for curing this problem. These medicines have an approval from the FDA as they claim that the level of serotonin that helps in the growth in the social life as well as the removal of depressing factors.

There are various other methods such as the psychotherapy and counseling that are also helpful and they can add to the quality of treatment of the person. Then advent of this disorder begins in the childhood itself. Some social situations like the ones that create a deep impact on the mind can also be a cause of the disorder. If the treatment is not taken in time and the disorder is not treated at the right time then it can aggravate and cause more stress to the patient.


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