Plan Your Diet With a Diet Diary!

Ending Emotional Eating

Are you obese? Over-weight? Want to loose weight? Keen on getting in shape? Tired of going on crash diets and fitness regimes? Just can’t keep you motivated? Don’t know what to do? Here is an answer to all your worries – plan your diet with a diet diary!

Why should I prefer a diet diary?

A crash diet reduces your metabolism, causes vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and may lead to serious health problems. To add insult to injury, when you quit your diet, you tend to gain more weight than you lost. As a result, you weigh more, with poorer metabolism. If you are looking for a long-term solution to weight loss, you have to make a permanent change to your lifestyle. This change is easier than you might think.

Thus simply put, a diet diary is an easier and permanent solution for weight-loss and it should be used as a tool to make good, healthy decisions about food and exercise!

On which aspects will the diary specifically help?

There are certain aspects on which only a diet diary can help you. Few of such aspects are mentioned below-

  • The most mundane purpose of a diet diary is showing you what and how much you eat. A lack of consciousness can be the biggest enemy of your success in weight loss.
  • By writing down your actions and feelings, you force yourself to consciously realize them and also get the opportunity to transform automatic eating behavior into a conscious choice.
  • It helps you keep your weight loss efforts on track.
  • You could also use it to record your visits to the gym, so you can keep a check of how much, or how little, you’re doing.
  • When you maintain a diet diary, you’re basically undertaking a project in which the only purpose is to understand yourself better.
  • It will also give you a better understanding of your relationship with food and how it affects your body and your emotions.

Online diet diaries and their additional facilities

You can go for a simple personal diary but also available these days and that too free of cost are some online diet diaries.

An online food diary is easy to use. One simply has to search the food database of various items and select the food items one consumes.  This information is taken by the online analysts who then give you suggestions about how to improve your diet and how to stay within your calorie goals. You also have the services of an online calorie counter.

Also provided are motivational charts & reports customized to the individual needs.

The best part of an online diet diary is that one can view ones progress over time, receive personal tips, and even see what he/she would weigh in 3 months if every day were like today.

Online or offline, a diet diary will always be of great help and if you are willing to use it, be ready to be surprised by the results.


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