Diet Fitness – Stay Fit, Think Fit

Ending Emotional Eating

It is not just going on a diet which will give you a complete healthy persona. What you need is to stay fit as well. And health being all the wealth that matters, you would want to give it the best treatment possible. Diet fitness is all about a mix of accurate diet and appropriate fitness program. It basically includes three levels of consideration:

  1. Balance – intentional inclusion of all foods right from fruits to vegetables and pulses to grains.
  2. Moderation– portion control, small quantity at regular intervals.
  3. Variation – wide variety, higher chances of complete nutrition.

It is a well-known fact that poor diet leads to diseases, like obesity, even cancer and heart disease. The link between diet and physical fitness has well been established and recognized as a science in itself. It’s the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.

How do you balance diet and fitness? What changes in your diet and fitness regimes will prove to be the most beneficial ones? These queries have been on your mind for long but you didn’t know where to turn to for the answers. So here are the solutions at your doorstep. First and foremost you need to ensure that the diet you are on, supplies you enough strength and energy to carry out the fitness training which means:

The basic diet fitness should:

  • Have a wide variety of foods– wholegrain breads and cereals for vitamins and minerals, leafy green vegetables for iron fueling, fruit for adequate fiber, lean meat and Fish (lowers cholesterol and helps prevent cancer) and low fat dairy products.
  • Enable you to have optimal weight and fat to carry out daily activities with ease.
  • Enhance quick and complete recovery during exercise.
  • Supply enough fluids to have maximum hydration.
  • Keep in mind not just short but also long term health.

And only when the above criterion is satisfied, you can confirm that you are on a diet yet not starving yourself or running the risk of malnutrition and weakness. Fitness regimes help you speed up the process of loosing weight along with the diet.

These fitness programs include not only basic gymnasium but modern techniques like dancing, aerobics and yoga. This provides the liberty of choosing the fitness process which suits your body the most. For example: a moderately heavy person might opt for aerobics or dancing instead of routine of dumbbells and walker. This makes the work out fun and enjoyable.


Amidst all this do not forget refueling yourself time and again. Because while you exercise, you not only loose extra fat but also, the essential one in your body. If fitness regime goes beyond 60 minutes replenish carbs immediately. Sandwiches with white bread are ideal. Still better have fruit juice which offer both carbs and fluid as well. After every fitness training session, glycogen levels need to be pumped up. So eat healthy and be wise!


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