Dialysis Diet

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Patients who suffer from extreme stage of kidney diseases are given specialized treatment with specialized diet. These patients are given a significantly less amount of sodium, potassium and phosphorous but the intake of protein is raised to a great level. Many doctors suggest that the patient should not be given any food in the liquid form as it may complicate the problem.

Avoid the intake of fluid

As the person works out, there is a balance that is maintained in the amount of the minerals and fluid in the body. People who undergo the treatment of dialysis suffer from the problem that is the unsuccessful discharge of waste material from the body of the patient. The most dangerous part of the treatment is that if the strict diet pattren is not followed then the treatment might be comlicated. The curbing of the fluid intake is necessary as there is no frequent urination and there is comparitively less amount of stress to the kidney.

Another problem is that of accumulation of urine in the body that causes a significant amount of increase of fluid in the heart and lungs that can give rise to many severe problems. Hence the best way of diet intake is the adequate amount of nutrition. If this is not maintained then there is a threat that the patient may suffer from problem of undernourishment

Advised diet:

The diet is planned and controlled and there is a balanced amount of the intake of the sodium, potassium. The treatment begins with the judgement of the correct amount of percentage of these minerals in the body and then the tretment begins.

When it comes to the restriction of the intake of the fluid, it is suggested with the help of the the measurement of the urine and weight of the person in relation and then the treatment begins.

Here there should be a limitation in the intake of salt as it prevents the fluctuation of the blood pressure. Another advantage of the less intake of the salt is the retention of water in the body that does not complicate the problem.

Phosphorous should be decreased and that can be done by the reducing daily intake of  dairy products. There are many fat soluble vitamins that are given to the patient through the diet and some of the vitamins are injected in the veins. In this way the balanced food and diet can be followed while this treatment is on.


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