Anxiety Blood Pressure

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It may be hard for some people to believe, but over 70% cases of high blood pressure are related to emotional problems arising out of anxiety. This condition should not be taken lightly. It is capable of causing great damage and extreme physical suffering. This problem, if ignored could turn fatal.


How does anxiety cause blood pressure to rise?

High blood pressure occurs in adults and in some cases even in young children. Most of the times high blood pressure follows hypertension. Anxiety causes hypertension. Usually when an individual faces anxious situation his body responds in a peculiar fashion. It begins to tense up and the blood begins to rush to his brain.  This causes the blood pressure to rise. Our body slowly begins to get habituated to this kind of a response. If high blood pressure is prolonged it can cause a lot of damage to our physiology. The arteries can get permanently damaged.



Fortunately this problem can be treated. There are many uncomplicated methods of reducing stress that causes the blood pressure to rise. To begin with the most important one which is trying to breathe normally. Slow deep inhalation and exhalation is a good exercise to manage tense situation. Relaxing and meditating from time to time can be another simple method of improving your body’s resistance to stress. Besides these techniques, exercising regularly, keeping a healthy diet, avoiding fatty foods or basically keeping a fit lifestyle can do wonders to the problem.


Stress management techniques:  

It is important to learn the art of living. Mastering the art of living is to understand what is best for you physically as well as mentally. It is important to keep your mind from thinking about distressful things. Being cheerful is the key to keep one’s spirits high. Positive outlook towards life is essential. A person should try and live in the present rather than brooding over the past unpleasant episodes or worrying about the future. A physician could help his patient to taper down the high blood pressure through biofeedback training. Some cases have shown that blood pressure can rise due to sleeplessness, which again is a symptom of stress and anxiety. To a large extent almost all the symptoms of anxiety lead to high blood pressure. It is therefore important to get over anxiety in order to avoid blood pressure.


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